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Need a hand with something? Want to chat? I'm all ears! If you're looking to dive into the world of HIVE Hub's awesome services or get the scoop on HubSpot Fractional Admins, count on me to lead the way. Let's embark on this adventure together to discover the perfect HubSpot solutions for you. And trust me, I'm Barry serious about helping you out! 🐻🚀

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** Barry might make mistakes occasionally. It's always a good idea to double-check important information with HIVE Hub.


Expert HubSpot Consulting & Support

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Helping Hundreds of Companies to get the most out of HubSpot

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Our Story

who is HIVE Hub?

HIVE Hub is the sister company of HIVE Strategy, an inbound marketing agency. HIVE Hub was born out of the necessity in the market for experienced, expert, and exceptional HubSpot support without a high price tag or long-term commitment. We believe deeply in the power behind HubSpot, but many users don't have the time, bandwidth, knowledge, technical skills, or budget to truly get the most out of it. 

Hiring an internal HubSpot Admin is getting more expensive by the day. A full agency retainer is more expensive and more robust than just simply HubSpot support. That's where HIVE Hub comes in. We're a group of HubSpot obsessed users, admins, managers, developers, and strategists focused on one thing — pushing the limits of HubSpot.

Ready to take the orange ride with us? We offer a 30 day risk free guarantee. If we aren't the right fit, cancel at any time.

So, let's get to work on your HubSpot portal.

Why us?

What makes HIVE Hub different?

There are a lot of "HubSpot Experts" out there that are far from that. Anyone can claim to be a HubSpot expert, but very few can live up to it. We pride ourselves on our expertise in HubSpot and that comes through in a few ways:


Once per quarter we have a Certification Day where our entire team dedicates the day to getting new certifications in HubSpot. We prioritize learning and education within HubSpot because the toolset is constantly changing. Right now we more than 220 certifications as an agency and that number is going up almost every single day. 


We are Onboarding Accredited by HubSpot and utilize those skills on a daily basis. The accreditation is a more robust certification from HubSpot where our team has to prove our expertise in onboarding and implementation within HubSpot. It's not a simple test. It requires many certifications, presentations, and tests.


There are plenty of people out there claiming to be experts in HubSpot, but they've only worked in it for a few months. It's just not possible to truly be an expert without years of experience. Everyone on our team has a minimum of 5 years of working experience in the tools and as an agency we have been in the HubSpot ecosystem since 2015. We have seen the tools evolve and grow. We have seen the issues and potholes. We have also solved for workarounds.