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Need a hand with something? Want to chat? I'm all ears! If you're looking to dive into the world of HIVE Hub's awesome services or get the scoop on HubSpot Fractional Admins, count on me to lead the way. Let's embark on this adventure together to discover the perfect HubSpot solutions for you. And trust me, I'm Barry serious about helping you out! 🐻🚀

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terms of service

Expert HubSpot Consulting & Support





Welcome to HIVE Hub! We're excited to provide you with our HubSpot consulting and execution services. This Agreement outlines the rules and conditions for our partnership. As the Service Provider, we'll be offering you expert advice and hands-on assistance with HubSpot. You, our valued Client, will benefit from our expertise as we guide you through the HubSpot platform. 

Together, we'll make the most of HubSpot's capabilities, driving growth and success for your business. Let's get started!


Scope of Services

  1. The Service Provider will offer consulting, training, and execution services related to HubSpot, including but not limited to:
    • HubSpot platform setup and configuration
    • Marketing automation implementation
    • Lead scoring
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Custom HubSpot development (if applicable)
    • General HubSpot support and guidance
    • General HubSpot training

Acceptance of Terms

  1. By engaging in any form of communication, payment, or initiation of the services offered by the Service Provider, the Client acknowledges having read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  2. If the Client is agreeing to this Agreement on behalf of an entity, the Client represents and warrants that they have the necessary authority to bind the entity to this Agreement.

Services and management

  1. A representative of HIVE Hub will be available to the client for the allotted amount of support hours as well as a one-time kickoff meeting and weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly consulting meetings depending on package.
  2. Development work including, but not limited to theme development, custom coded workflow actions, module builds, custom styling, template builds, and modification of any assets with the HubSpot Design Tools are only available in the Pro, Enterprise, and White Label packages and are limited in their scope. The Basic package does not have access to development work. 
  3. Custom API Integration work can be scoped and charged separately. These are not available in any standard package.
  4. Basic and Pro packages are to only be used on one HubSpot portal. Enterprise can be used in up to 3 portals. White Label packages can be used for unlimited portals.
  5. Access to Basic, Pro, and Enterprise HubSpot portals must be as Partner Admin or Super Admin permissions using a email address. No work will be completed until we have this access.
  6. Access to White Label HubSpot portals can be done through a white labeled address or through a company provided email address (ex.
  7. Data in the client's portal is owned by the client and no data will be reproduced, downloaded, or exported without the prior approval of the client.

Service Limitations

  1. HIVE Hub does not provide the following services:
    • Content creation, copywriting, editing, or drafting
    • Web design or graphic design
    • Advertising management

Fees and Payment

  1. HIVE Hub offers four tiers of service:
    • HIVE Hub Basic
    • HIVE Hub Pro
    • HIVE Hub Enterprise
    • HIVE Hub White Label
      • Pricing and included items in all packages are subject to change.
  2. Each package comes with a 30 day risk free guarantee. If client cancels service within the first 30 days, a pro-rated amount will be refunded for the unused time.
  3. After the initial 30 days, no refunds or prorations will be offered under any circumstances.
  4. Payments are processed directly through HubSpot by signing up through the HIVE Hub website at 
  5. Declined payments will cause all work to be stopped until payment is made, regardless of active work and progress.
  6. Packages are non-transferrable.

Term and Termination

  1. HIVE Hub is a month-to-month partnership. Cancellation requests must be made at least two business days before the next billing period.
  2. Upon cancellation, all work will stop at the end of the current period, regardless of active work and progress. HIVE Hub team members will no longer be available to answer questions about HubSpot or HIVE Hub projects.